Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Second date

Yes, it's true...second dates are extremely important. Sometimes after the first date you have those rose colored glasses on that make your date look as handsome as David Beckham and as funny as Vince Vaughn. But then you go on that second date and you begin to realize he looks more like Vince Vaughn and is about as funny as David Beckham. Or maybe after the first date you have your doubts about whether he really is THE one. But then that second date really seals the deal. The same thing goes for your wedding dress.

As you may have read in a previous post, here, I thought that I had found THE dress after my first date with her. However, after seeing her for a second date, I found that she was not as flattering as I had originally thought. Instead of saying yes to the dress i opted for a first date with another dress. However, this dress was completely different style and silhouette than any of the dresses I had been pulling out of my many wedding magazines. I said yes to the dress after the first date and the moment I stepped out of the salon I was worried I had made a mistake. I worried so much that I even called the bridal salon later that day to see if I could put a hold on my order. I couldn't believe that I was now one of those brides who can't commit to a dress. Luckily my consultant was so patient and sweet and helped talk me down from the ledge. She even suggested that I come in for another appointment to re-visit the dress.

Turns out re-visiting the dress was just what I needed. Turns out that in the short time it had been since I had originally tried the dress on I had managed to completely forget what it looked like. Re-visiting the dress allowed me to remember exactly why I loved the dress. The salon even let me snap a few pictures of me in the dress so that if I ever had any doubts I could just take a peak at the pictures and remember just how perfect my dress is.

So the moral of the story is, always have a second date!