Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Change in Perspective

A little over a year ago I started this blog to recount the all of our wedding planning adventures. And in that year my perspective on all things wedding has truly changed. When I watched wedding shows a year ago I hung onto every single little detail...the bouquets, the chairs, the bridesmaids dresses, the centerpieces, etc. But now that we're less than a month away from the wedding my perspective has completely shifted. What I pay most attention to is the joy in the bride and groom's eyes, the loving way that the bride and groom look at each other, and the vows that they choose to say to each other.

I'm not sure if this shift in my perspective is because most of our planning is done and set in stone or if it's because now that the wedding is so close I am seeing what is really important about the wedding. In a few short weeks I am marrying the man of my dreams, the man who makes me smile and laugh everyday, and the man I want to spend the rest of my life with; and I am so excited to share our love with our friends and family. I don't care what people think of the flowers or the food any more. Instead, I want people to walk away from my wedding saying "Man, I want a love like theirs."