Monday, June 13, 2011

Say yes to the dress?

This past weekend I set up an appointment during the Watters trunk show at the beautiful Bridal Galleria. I did some wedding dress shopping with my family during a trip to Las Vegas last month; and while I tried on some very pretty dresses I didn't find THE dress. All my bridesmaids live pretty far away from me I had been dragging my feet about going to try on dresses since I didn't want to go alone. Luckily a good friend of mine came to spend a day in the bay with me and help me go dress shopping.

Left: Diana courtesy of Vera Wang
Right: Ella courtesy of Amsale 
Since getting engaged I have been torn between 2 very different styles of dresses. The first style is the very romantic look with a big flouncy skirt, think Vera Wang. And the second style is much more of a clean and chic look, think of Amsale. I love the soft and ethereal look of big textured skirts, but I am weary that it may be too formal of a look. And although I love the clean and classic lines of a modern dress I was worried that it may just be a little too plain for my taste. Not to mention the hefty price tags that come along with those designer gowns ($5,000+)

Luckily it seems that during my appointment at the Bridal Galleria all my answers have been answered. I found a beautiful dress with a little bit of each thing I love the most about Vera and Amsale. And with a price tag that I can easily swallow. Did I mention pockets??? TRUE LOVE!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to make the full commitment yet. My parents are going to be visiting later in July and I want them to see the dress on me before I make my final decision. Hopefully they love it just as much as I do.

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  1. exciting!! they make pockets in wedding dresses?! genius! lol. hope all is going well!