Friday, November 25, 2011

Pre-wedding week recap (part 2)

For those of you who weren't completely bored with my last post, here is the second installment of my pre-wedding week recap.

Mr. Honda and I met with our ceremony officiant/emcee/dj, Jason from Exquisite Entertainment, on Monday at the Wedding Cafe in Ward. Let me start off by saying they have the most delicious and refreshing pineapple iced tea there. Our meeting with Jason was amazing. He was so friendly and fun to talk to and really put my mind at ease regarding how the ceremony and reception program will go on our wedding day. I really feel confident about choosing him as one of our vendors and look forward to working with him in the last few months before our big day.

Sneak peek from
Brandyn's blog
We also did an engagement shoot with our photographer Brandyn Fidel, at the Honolulu Zoo on Monday afternoon. Unlike all of our other vendors we had previously met with Brandyn, so it was nice to get to see him again. For anyone traveling to Hawaii, I do not reccomend going to the zoo anytime soon. It is in a pretty poor state and I'm a little embarassed by the condition it's in and the lack of animals. Hopefully we got some good shots regardless. It also gave us a chance to talk to Brandyn, who is just recently married, and get some advice from someone who's just gone through what we are in the middle of.

On Tuesday we met up with our florist Wendy from Spinning Web who showed us a mock-up of what our centerpieces would look like. We also got a chance to hash out more of the details of what the ceremony florals and bouquets would look like. This was one of the vendor meetings we had that really put me at ease about the wedding day. It was good to feel like she was on the same page as us in terms as the look we wanted to create.

We also took some time on Tuesday to find a place to rent the suits for the groomsmen in Hawaii. I think getting this done was a huge relief for Mr. Honda and I. Now we have the attire for everyone in the bridal party...except the groom. Hopefully we can get Mr. Honda's attire straightened out in the near future.

Wednesday was our last full day in Hawaii and we took that time to get to meet our videographer, Janice, from Video 21 Productions. I knew a couple of people who just got married and highly recommended the Video 21 team. After meeting with Janice it was easy to see why. This was probably one of the most helpful vendor meetings of our entire trip. They had just shot a wedding at the same venue as our wedding and Janice was full of helpful tips and points to keep in mind as we go forward in planning our wedding.

Pharm school friends
We spent our last night in Hawaii with some old friends from college. It has only been about 6 months since we last saw them, but it seems like forever when you're so used to seeing them on an everyday basis. Having dinner with old friends was a great way to end our trip.

Hopefully I haven't bored you to death with my 2 part pre-wedding week recap. 

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