Wednesday, January 4, 2012

That Bride

I think I may have become that bride. You know, the bride that vendors probably see on their caller ID and dread picking up the phone.

Last month, 3 months before the wedding, I sent an email to our florist with new pictures of an arch decor for the ceremony and a completely different idea for our centerpieces. Once she sent me the updated quote I rescinded my desire for my the new centerpieces, but wanted to keep the new arch decor which required her to put together yet another quote for us.

Recently I have been trying to choose a vendor to do the chair covers at our reception. I have had this poor vendor go out to my venue and take pictures to see if their ivory chair covers match the ivory table linens at my venue (which they didn't). And now they are trying to set up different cost-saving tablescape ideas to make our white centerpieces stand out on a white table linen and photograph them for me. Did I mention that we still haven't signed a contract with this vendor, so for all they know all this hard work could be for nothing?

Sheesh...I wouldn't even answer the phone if I knew it was me. 

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