Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Why Hello, Stranger

So apparently it's been almost a month since my last post and some of you may have thought that the hubs and I killed each other in the midst of our move and bathroom remodel. Fear not, we're both very much alive and kicking. Things have been pretty hectic around here the past few weeks, but I thought I'd take a sec to give you guys a rundown of the things that we've been up to lately.

  • All of our worldly belongings moved into the house - not even close to being entirely unpacked
  • Soft, fluffy carpet installed throughout the ENTIRE house - please don't hate me all you hardwood lovers
  • Bathroom remodel ALMOST complete - over a month from when we started demo. Remember when I said we were hoping to get all the work done in about 2 weeks? BAHAHAHAHA! Apparently that was a joke that I wasn't let in on until now.
  • Painted master bedroom - we're hoping to move out of what used to be a baby's room and into our master bedroom this weekend now that the remodel is mostly done.

Wow...when I list it all out like that it sure seems like we haven't really done a whole lot of anything at all! But I swear to you it feels like I've been slaving away at this house like it's a freakin sweatshop. More detailed updates to come.

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