Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bathroom Remodel: Almost There...Kind Of

Once we had chosen all of our little details things really started rolling on the bathroom remodel. We were very excited to soon be able to take a shower in our own house for the first time. And I'm sure our friends who were kind enough to let us shower at their place were just as excited to not have us trapsing through their home everynight like a bunch of vagabonds.

The contractors had painted, laid the tile and installed the bath in our guest bathroom. And they had painted, laid the tile, installed the shower, and started tiling the shower in our master bathroom. It was like we could see the light at the end of a tunnel that was much longer than we had anticipated.

But then (isn't there always a but?), we ran into several snags that made the light at the end of our tunnel fade fast. We realized that the contractors had neglected some of our very specific requests like the distance between the toilet and the vanity as well as the height of the seat in our shower. If any of you know me personally, you know I'm a bit vertically challenged as some might say. At a measley 4'10" (on a good day) we took great care before starting the remodel to take measurements so that things would be a comfortable distance away for hubs yet not out of my reach.

We were so disappointed when we checked on our bathroom only to realize they mounted the shower seat way too high. We had to force the contractors to rip out the mounted seat which ruined several of our expensive marble shower tiles...sad face.

Then we saw where they planned to set the vanity which would have put the toilet paper holder much too close too the toilet. When we asked the contractors to move the vanity over we were faced with the problem that there wouldn't be enough clearance for the bathroom door. So naturally we had to have the contractors move the door frame to accommodate moving the vanity.

It ended up costing a lot of extra dollars, but hubs and I both agreed that since we're already spending so much on the remodel we should do whatever it takes to make sure we're completely happy with the results.

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