Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Breakers: Hawaii

Hubs and I have been back from our vacation for almost a week now and we're STILL recovering. Don't you hate that? Hopefully we can get resettled and rested over the weekend. During our 2 weeks away we went to Hawaii, Singapore, and Japan. In order to avoid posting an epically long post about our whole trip I'll break it up into some bite sized easy to swallow pieces.

L to R: super lame in flight meal from Hawaiian Air, view of Waikiki from the airplane before landing
First we flew to Hawaii to meet up with my parents. As per the usual we flew Hawaiin Air...can't really beat a free flight due to accumulated and stolen miles from my parents. Hawaiian is supposedly the number one domestic airline in the states, but it seems to be getting worse and worse each time we fly. No blankets or pillows were provided since we weren't on a red eye flight. Not that I actually use those grody things...but it's nice to know they're there to rest my feet on. Our in flight meal was a bread roll with 2 pats of cold hard butter in it. I mean DAYMN it wasn't even King's Hawaiian sweet bread! Just a plain ole crusty bread roll like the ones that you buy in bags at Costco. I know some people would say these are luxuries you don't have with other airlines to begin with, but it's hard to imagine how we got to this point when they used to have carts selling cookies and snacks and meals made with Sam Choy's recipies. I guess times have really changed (that makes me sound really old, doesn't it?)

While we were in Hawaii we were able to squeeze in a little quality time with my family before we had to jet set off to Singapore. We had dinner at one of hub's favorite restaurants, Camellia. In all honesty it's a pretty filthy K-BBQ joint where the floors are greasy and the air is smoky, but damn the food is good...or at least the bulgogi is, since that's all we really eat. It was really nice to spend some time with my family. Although I love living in the bay, it's tough to be away from my close knit family...especially with my grandparents getting older. Hopefully we'll be able to make more trips to visit them more often.

Stay tuned for the next installment on the Singapore leg of our trip.


  1. Omg I know it really sucks about the food on Hawaiian. When I flew home I was shocked that a roll with cream cheese was considered a meal!

  2. dang girls! you beez spoiled! :P