Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

I must've been a good person in my former life to end up with such a great man as my husband. A guy who is willing and never disgruntled to take me to a musical. In fact, he's so great that he actually purchased us season tickets to all the musicals stopping in San Francisco this year.

The first show for us this season was a musical making a pre-Broadway debut in San Francisco, Beautiful. The musical is about Carole King and follows her career as a young song writer and then as a Grammy winning singer/song writer. If Jersey Boys is a musical for my grandparents generation, Beautiful is a musical for my parents generation. I wonder who a musical of my generation would be about...probably Justin Timberlake. LOL

We didn't really know what to expect for this show, but I was surprised to find that I recognized so many of the early songs she wrote as well as a lot of the songs from her Tapestry album. (Thanks, mom and dad). The first half covered a lot of the songs she and her husband wrote together, but fell a little short in the plot development. As a whole, the play was really great and the actress who played Carole King was a superb singer. Looking at the program, we did notice a lot of songs were cut from the second act which was probably a good idea to keep the plot rolling along. It will be interesting to see what the final production looks like once it reaches Broadway.

On a totally unrelated note, we'll be taking off for a super quick getaway with our friends for a Las Vegas getaway. I am so excited to get away even for just a weekend. Wish me luck on the craps tables!

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