Monday, January 20, 2014

Succulent Succulents at Succulence

Check out that awesome alliteration. My 2nd grade English teacher would be so proud (not really).

This past weekend I met up with a coworker to take a terrarium making class at this super cute little shop in Bernal Heights, Succulence.  Anyone who isn't living under a rock knows that succulents are so in right now and this store was like hipster heaven.  They have a nice selection of books on gardening, preserving foods, etc; as well as promenade terrarium and all the things you'd need to make a terrarium of your own.

L to R: starting with succulents in their pots, terrarium with my drainage layer and succulents waiting for their
 new home
The class was run by the owner,  Ken, who is crazy about succulents. We started off with us choosing 3-5 small succulents... but being the rebel that I am, I started with 6. I just couldn't choose! There were too many pretty ones to choose from.  Once we had all chosen our plants we sat down and Ken broke down the different components of a good terrarium and their importance; as well as how to care for our soon to be made terrariums. Then we took a tour of the shop to get some design ideas before getting started on our own terrariums.

L to R: succulents in place with decorative moss bits, adding the final touch of a blue ninja
Not to toot my own horn, but I was really impressed with my end product. Usually my DIY adventures end up incomplete or as a disappointment so I was really pleased with my terrarium. Even hubs was surprised at how well my terrarium turned much so that he was gladly willing to give my terrarium a home in his new office. Now that's the true mark of a successful DIY project!

I can't wait to make my next terrarium and even want to try their vertical gardening class.

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