Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Love Letters

A couple weeks ago, one of my favorite bloggers, Cup of Jo, posted some excerpts from an interesting article about the lost art of the unsent angry letter. At the end of her post she briefly mentioned an equally intriguing idea of writing a love letter to a current, past, or future love. I'd have to say my relationships with my first boyfriend has probably had the most profound effects on shaping my understanding of a romantic relationship. Looking back it feels like I've really come full circle to the amazing type of relationship I didn't recognize in my first boyfriend but never doubted in my husband. So without further ado I thought I'd share my love letter to my first boyfriend and of course my wonderful husband.

To my first boyfriend,
First and foremost I want to apologize for the way I treated you while we were together. I was too young and stupid to have an inkling of appreciation for all that you did for me. I fell for you at first because I thought you were a bad boy through and through down to your outrageously saggy jeans (thank god that tend is over!) But once we were "official"...well as official as sixth graders can be...you turned into a nice guy. In fact you were a really nice guy. You treated me like a princess and showered me with gifts of flowers and poems of love. You were smart and always offered to help me with my math homework when I struggled. And in return for your kindness I pushed you away. This wasn't what I signed up for. I didn't want a nice guy...where is that bad boy I thought was so cute?
Feeling smothered by your attention I broke it off. We remained friends and you were always still there being that nice guy for me. You switched schools and we lost touch. I dated my share of real bad boys who probably never cared for me half as much as you did. Sometimes I felt like a bad ass rebel dating without a cause. But as I started getting older I realized how stupid I had been to let someone like you go so unappreciated. I began to wonder if I would ever find someone as good as you to spend the rest of my life with. I started to think that maybe I just didn't deserve a guy like you anyway.
And then I met my husband, a smart, kind, and generous guy. And because of you I knew. I knew that this was a good thing. I knew that I should appreciate all the things he did for me like taking 2 semesters of chemistry to help me study even though it wasn't a requirement for his major or surprising me with a giant teddy bear in my dorm room.
So I'd like to thank you. Thank you for setting the bar even when I didn't know you were doing it. At least partially thanks to you I have an amazing life with my wonderful husband who treats me like a princess. I know that you're also married and I hope that you're both very happy and I hope you treat her as wonderfully as you treated me.

To my husband,
Life has been kind to me for bringing someone like you into my life. You've stuck by my side and have held my hand through some challenging times and always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. You're the most unselfish person when it comes to loving me, always putting me ahead of yourself. You're always thoughtful, anticipating my needs before I even think about them. You've been endlessly patient with me even when I haven't deserved it. You're amazingly generous and always spoiling me with lavish gifts.
I love you with my every being. And everyday I strive to show you how much I love you and how much I appreciate everything you do for me. You're an amazing man and we've had an amazing 10 years together. I look forward to whatever life has in store for the two of us. I know that with you the joys that life brings will be more joyful and that the challenges we may face will be more manageable.
Forever yours,
Mrs. Honda

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