Thursday, November 6, 2014

Not So Dirty Thirty

October marked my thirtieth year on this planet. We celebrated the momentous occasion bu going to CPK to partake in one of my favorite desserts, butter cake, and then we caught a double feature at the drive-in. It may not be what most people think of when they think of how they want to or how they had celebrated their dirty thirty...dirty isn't really my stye anyway. Hubs and I did it low key just the way I like it.

warm buttery goodness

beautiful birthday flowers from hubs

With such a big birthday under my belt I figured some life reflection was in order. Throughout this year I'll be doing a series of reflections of things I've learned, things I'm grateful for, things I aspire toward, etc. So stay tuned for some hopefully interesting reflections on my life and what lies ahead.

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