Monday, August 13, 2012

Bathroom Remodel: The Plan

As I mentioned in a previous post we are remodeling the 2 full baths in our house. As you can see in the floor plan, our current bathroom situation is not really ideal. Although, in all fairness a major remodel 2 weeks before you plan to move into your house is also not really ideal either. But the hubs and I decided that having a master bathroom the size of a crackerjack box was worse than having to deal with the stress of a remodel before we move.

Our current master bathroom is so tiny that there's no way that we could both even maneuver our way around each other in there. The shower stall is barely big enough for 1 person and I have no idea how shaving your legs in there is even possible. And let's not forget the fact that the toilet faces right out the bathroom door...I mean where's the romance in that???

On the other hand, the hall bathroom is such a waste of space! Due to the L-shaped layout of the hall bathroom you look directly at a wall when you look in through the bathroom door and you have to make your way through a narrow and awkward passage way to get to the actual bathroom. And those shower doors...UGH! I think I just grew up with a shower curtain so I feel like shower doors are so gross...I mean at least when it's just a shower curtain you can toss it when it starts to get mildewy.

So here's what the new floor plan will look like after the remodel. We will be knocking down the walls separating the hall bath from the master bath. We'll be installing much larger shower in the master bathroom and will be replacing the pedestal sink with a larger single sink vanity. In the hall bath we'll be doing a standard tub and will be replacing the current vanity with one with a much more contemporary look.

Hopefully we can get at least the hall bathroom done before we move in 2 weeks. It would definitely be ideal if we could at least have 1 working shower before we move in. I'd prefer not to have to take my shower's at the gym.

Check the follow-up posts on our bathroom remodels: the demo, a look underneath, the details, in the middle of it all, and the big reveal

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